The Journey Begins


Hiking is the same thing as walking, only hotter and twice as far as you want to go. But usually, you’re glad you went.” — Anita Diamant, The Boston Girl


Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Emma and That Solo Hiker Chick you might see sometimes wandering the trails. I’m based out of South Central Wyoming.

I started this site after gaining a love for the public lands surround me and realizing that I may need to fight for those lands someday. While my main stomping grounds are relatively safe from any large, drastic changes, I’ve started to notice the impact that pine bark beetle is having on the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. I’ve realized that I can also use my voice to make changes to make the forest more sustainable. I also discovered a love for Adobe Towns, which is facing a bigger threat of oil and gas intrusion.

I hope to use this site to share information and spread awareness about the places I love to protect them.

I also share my own hiking experiences and favorite tools to use out on the trail.


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